MOHAVE 2009 Campaign, Table Mountain Facility, California, Oct 2009

The JPL MkIV interferometer has performed ground-based observations from JPL's Table Mountain Facility (34.382N, 117.678W, 2.257 km altitude), to measure atmospheric H2O and O3 as part of a intercomparison exercise involving 8 different instruments. High signal-to-noise ratio solar occultation spectra have been measured throughout the mid-infrared region (650-5650 cm-1) at high spectral resolution (0.008 cm-1). These spectra will allow the simultaneous retrieval of more than 30 different atmospheric gases including O3 and H2O. More info on the mohave 2009 campaign can be found at

Latest Update (Oct-30):

Returned to JPL Wed October 28, 2009.


The MkIV instrument taking ground-based solar spectra through the TM2 low-bay door.

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