ATM Linelist

The ATM linelists tabulated below were generated for each gas as follows. First candidate linelists (HIT_08/12/16 & ATM16) were evaluated by using them to fit laboratory and atmospheric spectra in regions where the has of interest has significant absorption lines. We then examined the RMS fitting residuals and the band-to-band consistency of the retrieved gas amounts. The new linelist was then generated by cherry-picking the best parts of the candidate linelista. Finally, ad hoc adjustments we made to fix obvious errors and inconsistencies in the new linelist.

Gas Linelist Evaluation Report
H2O ATM20 H2O (2021-01-28)
H2O ATM18 H2O (2020-05-12) H2O_Spectroscopy_Evaluation_700-12000_cm-1
CO2 stripped02_atm.161.gz (2019-03-06 CO2_Spectroscopy_Evaluation NDACC_TCCON_2019