UV Ozone Photometer Balloon Data

ADEOS - Fairbanks, Alaska: O319970430 and OT19970430
POLARIS - Fairbanks, Alaska: O319970630 and OT19970630
O319970708 and OT19970708
SOLVE - Esrange, Sweden: O319991119 and OT19991119
O320000305 and OT20000305a
SOLVE II - Esrange, Sweden: O320021216 and OT20021216
O320030331 and OT20030331
BOS - Ft. Sumner, New Mexico: O320021013 and OT20021013
O320030916 and OT20030916
O320030919 and OT20030919
O320040917 and OT20040917
AVE - Esrange, Sweden: O320050301b and OT20050301
O320070124 and OT20070124
AVE - Ft. Sumner, New Mexico: O320050920 and OT20050920
O320070922 and OT20070922
CWAS - Ft. Sumner, New Mexico: O320051001 and OT20051001


Thermistor destroyed at launch


Launch failure

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